Project: Destinazione Giusta Cura

Choose the right therapy for any type of lymphoma is not always simple. To help doctors take the right direction, fortunately, there are precise diagnostic tools and techniques, thanks to the progress of scientific research. One of these tools is the PET, a nuclear medicine device used for production of body images and tumour localization. In some types of lymphoma, such as Hodgkin (a lymphoma that affects people of every age but particularly young people between 15 and 35 or adults over 50), this test is very useful. 

Another very useful tool (in some types of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) is the examination of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD), the measurement of residual tumour cells in blood or in the bone marrow after a therapy. The Foundation sends the biological samples to centralized laboratories specialized in MRD analysis; in some cases, these centres use the test results to address the patients to new therapies. 

The Italian Linfomi Foundation Onlus (FIL) develops research projects on treatment of lymphomas. In Italy this disease affects about 15,000 new patients every year, so 40 new cases a day, almost 2 every hour! Every day FIL researchers work hard to manage the projects, to make the proper diagnosis and to choose the right therapy for the patient. Research projects can be carried out thanks to private donations.  

Project costs: 

PET revision for 1 patient€ 122 

 Analysis of Minimum Residual Disease for 1 patient: about € 650 

 Shipping of 1 biological sample to centralized laboratories€ 25 



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