FIL promotes: 

  • Clinical research activities on lymphomas; 
  • Training projects for hematology doctors, specialist in disciplines related to the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas (pathologists, radiotherapists, nuclear physicians, radiologists, biologists, dermatologists, nurses, coordinators of clinical research, etc. ..); 
  • Research projects related to biological aspects (such as those on minimal residual disease) or imaging; 
  • Scholarships to young researchers; 
  • Collaborations with other organizations and institutions for the spread of knowledge of lymphomas (collaboration with the National AIL Association for the organization of meetings with patients). 


The FIL mission is to improve the diagnosis and the therapies for the treatment of lymphomas making a scientific, organizational and legal basis through the creation of a common and shared line between all the Italian centers involved in research in this sector. We carry out non-profit and independent scientific research projects involving around 150 centers (Hospitals, Scientific Institutes, Local Health Centers, University Centers) localized in national territory, with the aim of improving their research skills reducing the “health migration” phenomenon. 

The FIL develops: 

  • Training initiatives for healthcare personnel and researchers through the supply of scholarships, the promotion of university courses and the conferences on lymphomas; 
  • Scientific commissions for specialists who have to deal with lymphomas (pathologists,  biologists, nuclear physicians, radiotherapists, radiologists, dermatologists, and … obviously, hematologists); 
  • Informative events on lymphomas with the aim of apprising patients, relatives and people interested in the subject about different problems. 



1. Clinical Studies

2. Training Researchers