AIL-FIL patients’ group

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The  Group AIL Lymphoma Patients (AIL Patients’ Cancer Group) was set up in 2016 thanks to the cooperation between the non-profit Associazione Italiana contro le Leucemie, linfomi e mieloma Onlus (Italian Association against leukaemia, lymphomas and myeloma, AIL) and the non-profit Fondazione Italiana Linfomi Onlus (Italian Lymphoma Foundation, FIL).

The group’s main goal is that of promoting mutual support between patients; its activities are aimed at disseminating the knowledge about lymphomas and encouraging the research in this domain; putting patients up to date concerning technical innovations and promoting social initiatives.

The Group is mainly composed of patients and their relatives for them to share experiences, face similar problems and constantly be up to date with developments of research activities relating to the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas. In no way the Group shall replace the doctor, but it represents a support for patients supplying answers and helping them to better tackle the disease. FIL contribution to the group adds a value in scientific terms as FIL gathers together 150 Italian haematology centres that work as a real net in order to carry out scientific research aiming to increase the percentage of healing for patients affected by lymphoma, to develop biological knowledge in this domain and to improve the patients’ quality of life.

The first “AIL Group Lymphoma Patients Gathering. Doctor-Patient Seminar” took place on 22nd October 2016 aiming to open a debate, between doctors and patients, on fundamental issues concerning lymphomas: diagnostic techniques, evaluation after the therapy, preservation of fertility, transplant, long-term therapy side effects, causes and risk factors, participation and informed consent, quality of life after the treatment and psychological aspects, clinical devices in support of the therapy and the role of general practitioners.

It is thanks to this gathering and to this group that it was possible to structure this section of our website that we wish will be useful to provide fundamental information to all concerned parties.

Patient medical meetings:

  1. 22/10/2016 Roma
  2. 06/05/2017 Torino
  3. 16/09/2017 Bari
  4. 09/06/2018 Vicenza
  5. 29/09/2019 Palermo
  6. 13/04/2019 Ancona
  7. 14/09/2019 Milano
  8. 11/07/2020 Online Meeting
  9. 15/09/2020 Online Meeting

You can contact the group at the following address