The following documents are written, in Italian only, according to the principles of transparency, truthfulness and correctness to public and share our values, our mission, the goals achieved and what we want to improve.


The Statute is the set of fundamental rules that members signit shows the activities and social goals that the Foundation wants to achieveIt is the instrument that regulates the organization, the structure and the operation of the organization. 

The Statute of FIL was officially approved on 1st October 2010. The Statute was updated on 4 November 2016. The Statute has the purpose to describe areas of intervention of the Foundation, the planning of activities, the use of the assets, the composition of the bodies and grant transparency. 

Statute (Italian only)


The Social Report is the document that presents the identity of the organization, the value orientation, the report and the social relations established by the Foundation. It is the monitoring instrument for continuous improvement through the sharing of the results and the future projects to realize 

Social Report (Italian only)


The Quality Policy is the document that presents the objectives to achieve and improve the quality level of the activities carried out by the Foundation through the concrete commitment of the management, the employees and the partners.  

The Quality Policy is a document defined by the FIL Steering Committee with the aim of: 

  • ensure the pursuit of the statutory purposes at the highest quality level, given the resources and structural, regulatory, economic and organizational constraints; 
  • indicate the path necessary to optimize FIL work to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, with a view to continuous improvement; 
  • provide the structural framework for the definition, monitoring and evaluation of the quality objectives; 
  • ensure the dissemination, understanding and implementation of this policy at all organizational levels; 
  • ensure the constant review of objectives and actions made to improve the quality, to make them suitable to the changes. 

Quality Policy (Italian only)


The Regulation for the use of the logo and the request for patronage aims to regulate the methods of granting the patronage and use of the logo of the Italian Lymphoma Foundation (FIL) to protect its image and to guarantee the appropriate use of the FIL logo.  

Regulation (Italian only)


The financial report is the document that presents the accounting situation, the income-expenditure that the Foundation has supported in the reference financial year. 

Financial report 2019 (Italian only)


According to the provisions of Law 124/2017, FIL makes public online the amounts of a public.

Modulo L124 (Italian only)