Scientific Commission

FIL Scientific Committees are advisory bodies, involved in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoproliferative disorders. Particularly, the Committees have the role to assess, in terms of scientific validity and possible realisation, the studies proposals submitted to the Foundation by physicians and researchers from FIL centres, or in collaboration with international research groups.
Proposals are discussed during periodic meetings of each Committee and, once approved, they will be discussed by the Steering Committee for final approval.
The work of the
Scientific Committees continues throughout the study, making assessment about it, and comments or observations to the Principal Investigator and to FIL bodies. 

FIL Scientific Committees currently operating are: 


Hodgkin LymphomaDr. Luigi Rigacci
Aggressive LymphomaDr. Alice Di Rocco
Indolent Lymphomas Dr. Annarita Conconi
T LymphomasDr. Cinzia Pellegrini
Cutaneous LymphomasProf. Pietro Quaglino
Lymphomas of the elderlyDr. Annalisa Arcari
Long survivors, co-morbidity and quality of lifeDr. Guido Gini
Biological StudiesDr. Simone Ferrero
Imaging and RadioimmunotherapyDr. Stephane Chauvie
PathologistsProf. Arianna Di Napoli
Radiation therapyDr. Andrea Filippi
Nursing Group GiFILDr. Giuliana Nepoti