Biological Studies Commission

The integration of biological studies in research projects on diagnosis and therapy of lymphomas is of fundamental importance to: 

  • better understand the biological basis of lymphomas; 
  • identify groups of patients at higher risk of recurrence;
  • identify patients who may benefit most from targeted biological therapies; 
  • identify individuals potentially susceptible of greater toxicity to the treatment. 

Biological Studies

FIL, since the beginning of its history, has always been characterized by a special focus on biological aspects. In particular, FIL studies are at the forefront in the use of technologies for the assessment of minimal residual disease (MRD), or to identify the persistence of the smallest amount of tumor cells in subjects in apparent complete remission. The presence of these cells represents a very important prognostic factor for identifying patients at high risk of recurrence. 

The objectives of Biological Studies Commission are: 

  1. Develop, encourage and approve proposals for integrated biological studies to clinical trials; 
  2. Develop and support the conduct of studies on the MRD integrated clinical studies through the “FIL MRD Network” and constitute the formal representation of the same within the FIL; 
  3. Help getting through the “FIL MRD Network” harmonization and quality control of valuation techniques of minimal residual disease in lymphomas; 
  4. Further develop “networks” of biological similar to “FIL MRD Network” to promote biological research applied to clinical trials; 
  5. Interacting with the Commission Pathologists and other Commissions to improve the research activities of the Foundation; 
  6. Interacting with others commission to promote the integration of clinical and biological elements of “precision medicine” in FIL clinical trials. 

Dott. Simone Ferrero - Coordinatore Commissione Studi Biologici

The Biological Studies Commission is coordinated by Dr. Simone Ferrero, Haematologist at “Città della Salute e della Scienza” Hospital in Torino.