About Lymphomas

This section provides some basic information about lymphomas, the most common lymphomas symptoms, the risk factors and many other aspects of interest to patients, family members and people concerned. Further information can be found in the pages of the individual Scientific Commissions of the FIL, divided by type of lymphoma or transversal.

Please note that, although having been verified by the doctors of the Foundation, the information contained in these pages is not intended as a substitute, for medical advice, to your General Practitioner, to whom you should always refer to.

  1. What is a lymphoma?
  2. Symptoms
  3. Risk factors
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Prognosis
  6. Therapies
  7. Transplantation
  8. Fertility and lymphoma
  9. Psychological aspects
  10. Nutrition and chemotherapy
  11. After the treatment