Hodgkin’s lymphoma Commission

Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) is a neoplasm of the lymphatic system, which arises in the lymphatic tissues and organs (lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow) and affects the cells (lymphocytes) which have the task of defending the body from infections, from the external agents and from the same neoplastic diseases. The name of the disease is the surname of Sir Thomas Hodgkin who described the disease in 1832. 

Cell HL

The primary goal of the Hodgkin’s lymphoma Commission is to optimize the management of patients with HL during the phases of first diagnosis and of replace and refractoriness of the disease through the creation of prospective studies and retrospective collections of ‘real life’ data, involving the largest number of Centers that take care of these patients in Italy. 

This goal will be pursued through the development and approval of national and international study proposals, aimed at comparing standard therapies with innovative therapeutic strategies in Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

The proposals are: 

  • Design and start a randomized therapy trial for patients with advanced HL. In this way, it is possible expand previous FIL experiences towards potential improvement of the ABVD scheme; 
  • Design and start phase II and phase I-II studies for patients with refractory and relapsed disease to test the safety and efficacy of new molecules active in this type of patient; 
  • Shorten the time gap between preclinical screening of new molecules on in vitro HL cell systems and clinical development through phase I and phase I-II studies; 
  • Understand the management patterns of patients with refractory and relapse disease after the failure of allogeneic procedures through retrospective “real life” studies; 
  • Collaborate with the Elderly Commission for studies in advanced age patients with HL and with the Radiotherapy and Imaging / RIT Commissions for all proposed studies; 
  • Participate and collaborate with International Cooperative groups in prospective clinical studies. 

Dott. Luigi Rigacci - Responsabile Commissione Linfoma di Hodgkin

Hodgkin’s lymphoma Commission is coordinated by Prof. Umberto Ricardi, Director of the Department of Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Center of San Camillo Hospital in Rome.